Self-Employement Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023 | સ્વરોજગાર લક્ષી લોન યોજના ગુજરાત 2023: ધંધો કરવા માટે રૂ.10 લાખ સુધીની લોન મળશે

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Many people have been deprived of their jobs due to this corona virus, due to which many people have also lost their jobs. Today we are going to talk about one such scheme through which people can get employment. The name of this scheme is Self-Employment Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023 . So let’s get detailed information about this plan.

According to the Social Justice and Empowerment Department of Gujarat Government Resolution No. SSP/122017/568451/A, Dated: 30/9/2017, Unreserved and Educational Economic Development Corporation was established in our state. As per Resolution No. EBC/102018/814/A.1, dated: 15/8/2018, the Self-Employment Oriented Loan Scheme has been implemented for applicants from unreserved class of persons who want to start a new business. By which they will be able to get employment and stand on their own feet.

Self-Employement Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023

The scheme is implemented by the State Department of Social Justice and Empowerment . In which all the people of the unreserved category of the state who are willing to get self -employment will be given a loan from the government. In this loan, those who need a vehicle loan such as rickshaw , loading rickshaw , Maruti Eco , jeep-taxi etc. will also get a loan . .

Loans are also available for other businesses such as grocery stores , medical stores , ready-made garment stores , book stores , etc.

And the loan will also be available for getting vehicles for transport , logistics , travelers , food court etc business along with necessary structures .

Benefits fo Self-employment Scheme Gujarat 2023 – Benefits fo Self scheme Gujarat

Loans for non-reserved class people of the state to get self-employment have been implemented by the government, which is currently being implemented by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. This loan is provided for 3 different self employment which are as follows.

Name of the scheme Self Employment Oriented Loan Scheme
assistance In this scheme, loans are given for starting 3 types of employment.
State Gujarat
objective Unreserved class people can get employment and come forward.
Beneficiary People of Gujarat state of unreserved class
Type of application Online
contact Helpline Number: 079-23258688/23258684
Self Employment Oriented Scheme Gujarat 2023

Loans for small vehicles

If the beneficiary needs any small vehicle for self-employment such as rickshaw, loading rickshaw, Maruti Eco, Jeep-taxi, etc., the ” On Road Cost ” cost of such vehicles will be given as a loan by the government.

Loans for small business

For this scheme , loans are also given to those who want to start small businesses like shops, medical stores, ready-made garment stores, book stores etc. In which a loan of 10 lakh rupees is given from the government to start employment .

Loans for large-loading vehicles

In this scheme, unreserved class people will get a loan of 6 lakh rupees from the bank to get a vehicle for employment , logistics, travelers, food court etc.

Interest rate of financial assistance for small scale self-employment

As shown above, the beneficiary will get loan in 3 different types according to the business to be started and the interest of the loan is kept as follows.

Small Vehicle Loan Interest in this loan will be payable at a simple interest rate of 5 percent per annum . Loans for women will be available at a simple interest rate of 4 percent. Loans for small businesses will be available at a simple interest rate of 5 percent per annum. Loans will be available for women at a simple interest rate of 4 percent. Loans for Big-Loading Vehicles 5% interest subsidy will be available on the loan taken from the bank of Rs.6 lakhs for obtaining a vehicle for business with necessary structure as mentioned above .

Loans for small vehicles

Interest on this loan will be payable at a simple interest rate of 5 percent per annum . Loans will be available for women at a simple interest rate of 4 percent

Loans for small business

Interest on this loan will be payable at a simple interest rate of 5 percent per annum . Loans will be available for women at a simple interest rate of 4 percent .

Loans for large-loading vehicles

As mentioned above, 5% interest subsidy will be available on the loan taken from the bank of Rs.6 lakh for getting a vehicle for business with necessary structure .

Gujarat Loan Yojana Lending Criteria

  • The applicant must have a license for the loan for the vehicle .
  • For small business loan, the applicant should have the required registration as per the rules .
  • The acquired vehicle is required to be hypothecated as per rules .
  • The loan has to be repaid in regular installments after five months after the vehicle is found
  • The small business has to be started within 3 months of getting the loan and the loan will be recovered in equal monthly installments of 5 years after 3 months after starting the business .
  • If the total amount of the loan exceeds 7.5 lakhs , the total amount has to be mortgaged to himself or any other relative in favor of the Immovable Property Corporation.
  • Each borrower shall furnish 5 blank checks signed in favor of the Corporation.

Self-Employment Scheme Loan Gujarat Eligibility – Eligibility

This scheme is mainly implemented for unreserved class people who can start their own business and earn by getting this loan. Eligibility for the loan scheme is as follows.

  • Beneficiary applicant should be a native of Gujarat state.
  • Beneficiary applicant should belong to unreserved category.
  • The age of the beneficiary applicant should be between 18 years to 50 years.
  • Beneficiary candidate should have Forwheel and Heavy Vehicle license.
  • The interest rate of the loan will be 5% simple interest per annum and 4% for women.

Gujarat Government Subsidy Loan For Small Business Niyamo – Terms and Conditions

  • Online application for this scheme can be made on the government portal till 29/02/2025 .
  • In this scheme, a target of 3500 beneficiaries has been set by Govt .
  • In this scheme, only one member of the family can get the benefit of the scheme.
  • After the application is confirmed by the applicant for the loan scheme, after verification of the documents submitted online by the concerned corporation, the in-principle approval/rejection/fulfillment information will be sent directly to the applicant through E- Mail/SMS to the beneficiary.
  • The applicant will have to submit the encumbrance/mortgage documents once the application is approved .
  • 5 checks ( with printed name ) in favor of the corporation have to be presented.
  • The applicant has to complete the completed details of the required documents and upload them online. Then the application of the applicant will be returned to the login corporation through the district.
  • The applicant who has been given in-principle approval by the corporation has uploaded the required material evidences required from the approval letter online and the office of the district manager of the district in which he resides has to deposit the printout of the application and the necessary supporting evidence within 30 days .
  • The loan amount will be credited to the active bank account linked to the Aadhaar card .
  • Henceforth application details have to be reported through SMS/E-MAIL If your mobile number and E-MAIL have changed, the information about this has to be reported to the corporation office here.

Self-Employment Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023 Documents Required – Aadhaar Evidence

The following supporting evidence has to be submitted for this plan.

  • Aadhaar card of the beneficiary
  • Ration Card of Beneficiary
  • Proof of educational qualification of the beneficiary
  • Age proof of beneficiary
  • Residence proof of beneficiary
  • Certificate of Non-Reserved Category of Beneficiary
  • Annual income certificate of the beneficiary
  • Basis of the place where the business is to be started
  • Basis of business experience
  • Consent letter to encumber/mortgage property of father/guardian (Appendix-3)
  • Xerox copy of first page of applicant’s bank passbook (including IFC code)

Annual Income for Self Employment Bank Loan

For this loan, the applicant has to submit their annual income certificate in which for all the above loan schemes, the annual income is required to be 6 lakhs or less.

Self-Employement Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023 Form Download

Here below you are given the application form for Bank Loan Scheme which you can download from the link below.

Gujarat Government Subsidy Loan For Small Business Online Apply

For self-employment schemes, the beneficiary has to apply online himself, for which the beneficiary has to go to the official website of the government, the steps are as follows, which should be read and understood carefully.

First of all, for this scheme, you can also go to the unreserved category website ” Gueedc ” and apply directly to the E-samaj kalyan portal .

Beneficiary must first visit the official website of unreserved category .

Where they have to go to Scheme in the Main section on the left side of the Home Page . Where you have to go to “ SELF EMPLOYMENT-SCHEM E”.

Clicking on the page will open in which self-employment oriented scheme is written. Apply Now will be written below in green letters. By clicking on it you will directly come to E-samaj Kalyan Portal . Where you have to go to ” Gujarat Unreserved Education and Economical Development Corporation “.

After that, the applicant clicks on Gujarat Unreserved Education and Economical Development Corporation and the page of this scheme will open directly in front of him. Where all the information related to the scheme can be obtained.

Where you have to click on Login New User and do your registration . Then you have to register again by entering your name, email id , gender , date of birth and new password .

Now you have to login by entering the password and ID . After login, the page that will open in front of which you will have to go to Unreserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation. There you will see the entire online application form.

Which you have to fill the pre-requisites in which name , address , caste details, mobile number, Aadhaar card number etc. all the details have to be filled and upload the photo.

After that the information of the property has to be filled. And after that all the documents of the applicant have to be uploaded online . After that the obligation sheet has to be downloaded.

After that, after filling the complete information of the application, you have to submit the online application . After submitting the online application , you will be given an application registration number, which you have to save.

To apply online visit the website given below

Self-Employement Scheme Loan Gujarat Contact Number

This scheme is managed by Unreserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation, Government of Gujarat. If you want to get any information related to the scheme, you can call on the number given here and visit their website .

GUEEDC Contact Number:- 079-23258688/23258684

Unreserved Commission Corporation Office Address

Block No-2, 7th Floor  ,D-2 Wing,Karmyogi Bhavan,Sector 10-A,Gandhinagar,Gujarat-382010

“FAQ” for Self-Employement Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023

Under Self-Employment Scheme Loan Gujarat, which businesses get loans for employment?

Beneficiaries under this scheme get different types of loans for rickshaw, loading rickshaw, Maruti Eco, jeep-taxi etc. and grocery shop, medical store, readymade garment store, book store etc. and transport, logistics, travelers, food court.

Where to apply Self-Employment Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023 Mar?

For this loan, one has to go to the official website of Gujarat government E-samaj Kalyan and apply online.

How much assistance is available in auto rickshaw, loading rickshaw, Maruti eco, jeep-taxi in self-employment oriented scheme Gujarat loan?

In this scheme, if you want to buy a rickshaw, loading rickshaw, Maruti Eco, jeep-taxi, you will be eligible for a loan of an amount equal to the on-road cost of the vehicle.

How many loans are available in shop, medical store, readymade garment store, book store in Swarojgar oriented scheme Gujarat loan?

In this loan assistance, people who want to start the business of shop, medical store, readymade garment store, book store get a loan of 10 lakh rupees and have a simple interest of 5% per annum.

How much loan is available for transport, logistics, travelers, food court vehicle required structure in Swarojgar Oriented Scheme Gujarat Loan?

In this assistance, if you get a loan of 6 lakhs for the necessary structure of transport, logistics, travelers, food court etc. and at a simple interest of 5% per annum.

Contact Office for Self-Employment Scheme Loan Gujarat 2023 ?

For information about this scheme you can visit E-samaj kalyan portal and get more information and call this helpline number: 079-23258688/23258684 to get more information.

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